Friedrich List: Addendums

Although it’s been a while since my last post on List, I recently found a draft of a bunch of relatively disconnected thoughts left over from the earlier post, so I thought I would clean them up and publish them. [Read More]

A Predictive Processing Model of Autism

This is broadly the thesis I have been working on for my dissertation. Now it’s time to start seriously writing up, I thought I’d try writing it down in an informal blog setting first, before translating it into science-ese. [Read More]

Thoughts on Recursive Self Improvement

A big factor in AI risk is the possibility of recursive self improvement. An AI is created with some level of intelligence and it uses that intelligence to research AI techniques to make itself more intelligent, and then as it is more intelligent, it becomes better at researching ways to... [Read More]

On Mathematics and Morality

Here I just want to add a brief addendum to my previous post. One fascinating line of arguments in favour of moral realism compares morality to mathematics. The argument, in simplistic terms, runs roughly as follows: [Read More]

Thoughts on Metaethics

For the past few days I’ve been procrastinating by reading reddit’s askphilosophy, and moral realism has come up again and again. Moral realism has always seemed to me to be a strange, even quixotic, position, so I was very surprised to hear that it is apparently the majority position among... [Read More]