Intellectual Progress in 2019

Lots of people such as slatestarcodex are posting the intellectual progress they have made in the past decade, and I thought about doing a similar thing. However, the truth is that in 2010 I was a 15 year old moron who didn’t do anything except play Starcraft. Unlike a lot... [Read More]

Happy New Year

Happy new year everybody. Welcome to a new decade. The Twenties now.

Thoughts on the Election

Generally, I’m going to try to be apolitical in this blog, but obviously a very important election has just happened and there are a few interesting (for me!) points. Hopefully they will be relatively apolitical (on the object level). I’ll also talk about my take on party strategy and future... [Read More]

Initial Thoughts on Boyd and OODA Loops

I’ve been reading Boyd’s work again, this time focusing on the primary sources. I’ve not really begun to internalize it all yet, so expect more posts on this in the near future. This is just a set of initial, tentative thoughts about the OODA loop. [Read More]