Grokking 'grokking'

Epistemic Status: This is not my speciality within ML and I present mostly speculative intuitions rather than experimentally verified facts and mathematically valid conjectures. Nevertheless, it captures my current thinking and intuitions about the phenomenon of ‘grokking’ in neural networks and of generalization in overparametrized networks more generally. [Read More]


This website (now is now self hosted! No longer will it rely exist solely at Github/Microsoft’s discretion. It feels good. [Read More]

Selection and the Just World Fallacy

One thing that recently just struck me is that people (including me) often have a strong intutive sense of the just world fallacy when it comes to personal traits. People assume that if somebody has some great strength they must also have a great weakness. That if they are really... [Read More]

Intellectual Progress in 2020

The yearly intellectual progress report is a little late this year due to having to write up a PhD. Now that the PhD thesis beast is at least somewhat tamed, in a breather, I can try to figure out what progress I have made this year. [Read More]