Entrepreneurs as Catalysts

I know this is not an original observation, but recent events have made me grok it in a way I had not really before. The principal function of an entrepreneur 1 is to act as an economic catalyst: organizing talent, money, and other resources to as to be able to... [Read More]

Private Equity as Legibility Arbitrage

One thing struck me the other day as I was reading about private equity (PE) led ‘rollups’ and consolidations of different sectors: it’s all due to legibility and the increasing legibility crisis that comes with greater centralization and inequality. The basic private equity model here seems to be as follows:... [Read More]

My rough categorization of AI risk types

This is just a quick post to share a rough scheme I have for assessing the potential AI risk caused by specific models. It probably needs a lot more fleshing out and discussion to be fully general but I think it is a useful intuition pump. [Read More]

BCIs and the ecosystem of modular minds

Epistemic status: Much more speculative than previous posts but points towards an aspect of the future that is becoming clearer which I think is underappreciated at present. If you are interested in any of these thoughts please reach out. [Read More]