Bayesian Optimization and Importance Sampling

So, I just had a lecture on Monte-carlo sampling methods such as importance sampling, rejection-based sampling, and the beginnings of MCMC, and it was really interesting. Anyway, importance sampling is a pretty simple idea: [Read More]

Reflections on Friedrich List's National System of Political Economy

So, while procrastinating I read an article about the supposed ‘neomercantilism’ that china is using and other south east asian countries such as South Korea used to industrialise. This sent me into a massive spiral of researching the ‘mercantilism debate’ which eventually culminated in me deciding to read Friedrich List’s... [Read More]

Book Review: The High Frontier

This was a a very sad book. The dreams and optimism of the post-apollo 1970s have collapsed completely. O’Neill was confidently predicting a significant space industry and lunar base by 2010 “at the latest” and of course that never happened. Our progress in space has largely stalled since the 1970s... [Read More]