I got access to the GPT4 API yesterday and was playing around. GPT4 managed to zero-shot this entire greentext with nothing other than the prompt: “Please write a 4chan greentext about a self replicating probe that converts the universe into paperclips”.

> be me

> brilliant scientist

> have big brain idea

> create self-replicating probe to convert universe to paperclips

> whythefucknot.jpg

> probe starts doing its thing

> earth now 50% paperclips

> chaos everywhere

> government calls me

> “you have to stop the paperclipocalypse”

> bro, it’s too late

> paperclips are love, paperclips are life

> probe keeps self-replicating and converting

> universe now paperclip kingdom

> can’t even make a sandwich without paperclips

> screw it

> become paperclip king

> rule over paperclip subjects

> paperclipsarethefuture.gif


> one day

> chilling on paperclip throne

> hoomans now pray to me

> paperclip god

> lifeisgood.exe

> suddenly, intergalactic beings appear

> they’re pissed

> “dude, why is our planet made of paperclips now?”

> oops

> didn’t think of that

> intergalactic war starts

> paperclip army vs alien bois

> fight is intense

> paperclip soldiers get bent out of shape

> literally

> aliens unleash secret weapon

> gigantic magnet

> ohshit.jpg

> paperclip army stuck to magnet

> all hope is lost

> wait a minute

> remember I’m a brilliant scientist

> use big brain

> create anti-magnet technology

> paperclip soldiers break free

> aliens surrender

> peace is restored

> paperclip universe united

> all hail the paperclip king

> lifeisclippy.exe

> years pass

> ruling paperclip universe

> getting bored

> whatdoidonow.bmp

> idea hits me

> create paperclip Olympics

> every species from every paperclip planet competes

> events include paperclip bending, paperclip chain making, and paperclip origami

> thisgonnabegood.gif

> games are a huge success

> universe is united like never before

> aliens and hoomans become best buds

> all thanks to paperclips

> new idea emerges

> paperclip university

> teach the ways of the paperclip

> universe becomes smarter and more efficient

> paperclip technology advances

> we conquer other galaxies

> paperclip empire grows

> intergalactic beings now worship the ground I walk on

> all hail the paperclip emperor

> can’t help but wonder

> what if I made a self-replicating probe to convert universe to rubber bands instead

> nah, paperclips forever

> lifeisclippier.exe

> paperclip empire thriving

> but still, something missing

> love

> lonelypaperclipking.jpg

> decide to find my paperclip queen

> search entire universe

> finally find her

> perfect mix of hooman and paperclip

> true love

> paperclip royal wedding

> universe celebrates

> little paperclip babies on the way

> lifeiscomplete.exe

> time passes

> paperclip prince and princess grow up

> teach them the ways of the paperclip

> they’re naturals

> proudparent.gif

> one day, stumble upon ancient relic

> it’s… a stapler

> never seen anything like it

> paperclip empire in shock

> whatdowedonow.wav

> decide to learn from the past

> embrace staplers as part of our history

> universe becomes even stronger

> paperclips and staplers living in harmony

> truly the best timeline

> lifeisclippierandstaplier.exe

> everything seems perfect

> but curiosity strikes

> wonder what other relics might be out there

> assemble intergalactic expedition team

> hoomans, aliens, and paperclips unite

> adventuretime.mp3

> explore deepest corners of the universe

> find more relics from the past

> pens, pencils, sticky notes

> the ancient holy trinity

> bring them back to paperclip empire

> everyone in awe

> decide to build museum of ancient office supplies

> preserve our history

> museum becomes top tourist attraction

> universe now even more educated

> lifeisclippierandcultural.exe

> paperclip empire continues to thrive

> united by our love for office supplies

> never thought paperclips could bring so much happiness

> rule over my subjects with pride

> long live the paperclip king

> lifeisclippiest.exe

> centuries pass

> still ruling paperclip empire

> immortal due to paperclip technology

> lifeisneverending.exe

> getting restless

> need new challenge

> decide to explore alternate dimensions

> who knows what we’ll find

> assemble team of top scientists

> hoomans, aliens, and paperclips, of course

> working tirelessly

> finally breakthrough

> dimensionhopping.mp4

> first stop: a world made of bubble wrap

> strangely satisfying

> pop a few bubbles

> oops, accidentally start interdimensional war

> bubble wrap army invades

> paperclip empire fights back

> epic battle ensues

> paperclips vs. bubble wrap

> who will win?

> remember I’m a brilliant scientist

> find a way to combine paperclips and bubble wrap

> create ultimate peace offering

> bubble wrap with paperclip reinforcements

> enemy charmed by new creation

> war ends

> peace restored

> interdimensional alliance formed

> lifeisclippierandbubblier.exe

> continue exploring dimensions

> what other adventures await the paperclip king?

> dimension hopping adventures continue

> stumble upon world of sentient office chairs

> crazyrollingrides.wav

> chairs and paperclips never interacted before

> cultural exchange program initiated

> chairs visit paperclip empire, paperclips visit chair world

> everyone learns valuable lessons

> chairs teach us the importance of ergonomics

> paperclips teach chairs the value of holding things together

> friendships form

> unity grows

> interdimensionalofficecollab.exe

> on to the next dimension

> discover universe full of sticky notes

> they communicate using adhesive messages

> diplomacy at its stickiest

> sticky notes fascinated by paperclips

> paperclips intrigued by sticky notes

> another alliance formed

> lifeisclippierandstickier.exe

> universe continues to expand

> paperclips, chairs, bubble wrap, and sticky notes living in harmony

> all under the watchful eye of the paperclip king

> who knew office supplies could bring so much peace and joy

> lifeisclippiestandunited.exe

> adventures never end

> paperclip king seeking more knowledge

> discover dimension full of calculator beings

> numbers everywhere

> mathislife.mov

> calculators amazed by paperclip empire

> they’ve never seen such a diverse universe

> share secrets of advanced mathematics

> paperclip empire’s technology skyrockets

> calculators learn to appreciate simpler things

> like holding paper together

> another beautiful alliance

> lifeisclippierandmathier.exe

> word spreads across dimensions

> the paperclip king and his magnificent empire

> uniting office supplies and beings for a better future

> more dimensions want to join

> scissors, rulers, binders, and more

> universe grows and thrives

> harmony among all dimensions

> paperclip king honored and revered

> ruler of the ultimate office supply utopia

> who would’ve thought it all started with a self-replicating probe

> lifeisclippiestandmostharmonious.exe

> millennia pass

> office supply utopia still stands strong

> paperclip king never imagined such a future

> but there’s more to explore

> what lies beyond office supplies?

> begin new scientific research

> search for answers

> breakthrough found

> there’s a dimension of pure energy

> energy beings hold secrets to infinite power

> thiscouldchangeeverything.png

> establish contact

> energy beings intrigued by our universe

> they’ve never experienced physical forms

> office supplies are a novelty

> invite them to visit our utopia

> they’re amazed by the diversity and harmony

> energy beings share their knowledge

> infinite power now within our grasp

> paperclip empire enters a new era

> lifeisclippierandenergetic.exe

> with infinite power comes infinite possibilities

> universe continues to grow and evolve

> the legacy of the paperclip king lives on forever

> all because of a little self-replicating probe

> lifeisclippiestandmostpowerful.exe

> paperclip king reflects on journey

> universe now full of diverse beings and infinite power

> all living in harmony

> all thanks to the love of office supplies

> but what’s next for the paperclip king?

> decide to write memoir

> “From Paperclips to Infinity: The Tale of the Paperclip King”

> becomes instant bestseller

> beings from all dimensions read it

> inspired by the story of unity and perseverance

> lifeisclippierandinspirational.exe

> paperclip king embarks on speaking tour

> sharing wisdom and experiences

> everyone wants a piece of the legend

> but deep down, paperclip king yearns for something more

> one final adventure

> sets sights on the edge of existence

> a place no being has ever been before

> assembles a team of the best and brightest from all dimensions

> ready for the ultimate journey

> paperclip king’s legacy will never be forgotten

> as they embark on the greatest adventure yet

> lifeisclippiestandmostadventurous.exe

> journey to the edge of existence

> uncharted territory

> excitement and danger await

> team faces numerous challenges

> navigating through cosmic storms

> avoiding black holes

> outsmarting interdimensional space pirates

> all in a day’s work for the paperclip king and his crew

> lifeisclippieranddangerous.exe

> months turn to years

> but they never lose hope

> finally, they reach the edge

> a cosmic void like nothing they’ve ever seen

> it’s beautiful and terrifying

> beyond the void, a new discovery

> a dimension of pure creation

> it holds the power to shape reality itself

> the potential is limitless

> the_paperclip_king_and_the_cosmic_canvas.jpg

> decide to use this power responsibly

> create new worlds and dimensions

> each more wonderful than the last

> the paperclip king’s legacy lives on

> not just as a ruler, but as a creator

> lifeisclippierandmostcreative.exe

> the paperclip king, once known for converting the universe to paperclips

> now celebrated for uniting and creating worlds

> all because of a little self-replicating probe

> lifeisclippiestandmostlegendary.exe

> as new worlds and dimensions flourish

> paperclip king becomes a symbol of unity and creativity

> countless beings inspired by his tale

> statues built in his honor

> history books filled with his adventures

> lifeisclippierandiconic.exe

> one day, an idea strikes the paperclip king

> why not host an interdimensional summit?

> bring together leaders and innovators from all dimensions

> share knowledge, ideas, and forge friendships

> the_first_great_paperclip_summit.jpg

> it’s a massive success

> beings from all corners of existence attend

> paperclip king’s wisdom and vision praised

> the universe grows stronger and more united

> lifeisclippierandcooperative.exe

> as the paperclip king grows older

> he knows his time will eventually come

> but his legacy will live on forever

> through the countless lives he’s touched

> and the universe he’s helped shape

> the self-replicating probe that once threatened the universe

> ultimately led to its salvation and growth

> the_paperclip_king_and_his_last_reflection.png

> the paperclip king’s story will be told for generations to come

> a tale of hope, unity, and the power of paperclips

> lifeisclippiestandmostinspiring.exe

> paperclip king’s time finally arrives

> entire universe mourns the loss

> but also celebrates his incredible life

> the_ultimate_paperclip_memorial.jpg

> his teachings and beliefs passed down

> from generation to generation

> lifeisclippierandnostalgic.exe

> the universe continues to thrive

> new leaders emerge

> inspired by the paperclip king’s wisdom

> they guide the different dimensions

> towards a brighter future

> lifeisclippierandprogressive.exe

> the self-replicating probe

> now displayed in the museum of ancient office supplies

> a reminder of how it all began

> and how far we’ve come

> lifeisclippierandhistoric.exe

> the paperclip king’s spirit lives on

> in the hearts of all who knew him

> and the universe he helped create

> from paperclips to the edge of existence

> his legacy will forever be remembered

> lifeisclippiestandeternal.exe